Getting Started


Getting Started in Quarter Midget Racing.


MQMRA offers "Try it, You'll like it" programs once a month throughout the race season.  During these events we invite families to come down to the track to give their son/daughter ages 5-16 a chance to drive a Quarter Midget Race Car around the MQMRA race track.  For more information about "Try it, You'll Like It" click on the “Try It” tab.


If you missed the "Try It" date, you might consider coming down to the race track with your family and watching a day of Quarter Midget Racing. The MQMRA Schedule is posted under the Schedule tab.


Once you have made the decision that Quarter Midget Racing is something your family would enjoy doing.  There are a series of procedures that need to be completed before your child will be able to Quarter Midget Race.


-  First of all you will need to purchase a Quarter Midget Race Car.  Race Cars are NOT provided by the MQMRA.  All cars are individually operated and maintained by the owner/handler.  Most decent USED Quarter Midget Race Cars sell around $2000.00 to $2500.00.  Some older cars can get as low as $1000.00 during the off-season.  A new complete car can cost $5500.00 or more depending on features and equipment.


-  Next you will need to purchase SFI Racing Gear.  Racing Gear consists of a Helmet, Neck Collar, Racing Jacket/ Pants, Suit, Racing Gloves rated 5 or better and Arm Restraints.  Optional are, Hans Devices and Racing Shoes.  Racing pants must be worn while racing.  An entry level” set of Gear costs around $500.00 while a Professional Package will cost around $1000.00.  The seat belts must be less than 2 years old according to date stamping.  Yellow Raceceivers are required for all drivers for communication with the race director. ($100.00).  Yellow MyLaps tranponders are required for all points classes ($300.00)  Make sure the SFI rating is current when purchasing equipment or you will not be allow to race.


-  Now that you have all the equipment, you need to sign up for a MQMRA membership. To join the MQMRA you need an application from the MQMRA Secretary.  Contact the MQMRA Secretary from the “Application Request” tab and request membership forms to be mailed out to your home.  A MQMRA membership costs $175.00 every year.    This is also a good time to start looking for a copy of your driver’s birth certificate.  You will need to submit a copy of the birth certificate along with 2 pictures (1 inch X 1 inch) of the driver’s parents/handlers for their official QMA name badge.  These badges need to be worn by the parents/handlers of your QMA racer at all QMA Racing Events.


-  Fill out your membership forms and include a copy of your driver’s birth certificate, 1” x 1” photos of the parents, a check to the MQMRA for $175.00 and 4 returnable $75.00 “Concession/Tower work checks” Parents put on the MQMRA shows and everyone is required to participate.  You will receive your work checks back from working in the tower or concession stands.  Don’t be nervous, you will be trained in by the department leads and most parents enjoy working at the events… 


-  Once your MQMRA membership is validated Welcome Aboard! You will need to sign up for Novice Training.  Novice Training is taught by one of the more experienced handlers about the basics of Quarter Midget Racing.  The contact info for the Novice Training Director can be found under the “Club Info” tab.


An excellent manual to read about Quarter Midget Racing is “Novice Handbook” by Steve Clark.  Download a copy and take the time to read this book.  This is a great book for new drivers and families getting involved in Quarter Midget Racing.


-  Next it's practice, practice, and more practice.  On race day there is two classes for the entry level drivers.  Junior Novice is for 5-8 year olds and use the RED restrictor plate in their 120 engines. Senior Novice is for 9-16 year olds and use the BLUE restrictor plate in their 120 engines.  These young drivers will run these cars at full throttle around the track without lifting in the corners.  On average a Junior Novice will complete a lap in less than 9 seconds.  A Senior Novice will complete a lap in less than 8 seconds.  Hint: Bring a stopwatch and have you child perform 5 laps at full speed.  Take the time that it took for the 5 laps and divide by 5.  Make sure your driver is ready to compete at those levels and has an understanding about stopping, lining up, rolling starts, getting on/off the track and the Flag System.


-  Race Day. 

Race day starts with the tower opening at 9:00 am, with the pit meeting around 9:30 am.  Get there early around 8:00 am. Your first race day you have a lot of things to do.  Everybody at the track is more than willing to help you, but you have to ask for it, otherwise they just assume you know what to do. 

The first race day you need to get your equipment and racing gear Tech inspected by the Safety Director.  This person will look at all your safety equipment and inspect the Quarter Midget to see if it’s within the QMA guidelines. 

Once the tower is open, you will need to sign in and pay your pit fees.  (Pit fee’s for one car is $25.00 per race and $5.00 for each additional.) 


Next, you need to drain all the fuel from your car and fill it with the track provided fuel. Don’t forget to check your weight at the scale with your driver (250 lbs for Junior Novice and 260 lbs for Senior Novice) and then get ready to race. 

The first and second class to race that day is Junior Novice and Senior Novice, respectfully, so be ready to race directly after the Pit Meeting.  The race day consists of 2 Feature Races.  There is around 8-10 different classes depending on race day attendance.  You will need to be back in staging after the second to last class has finished their race.