Car buying tips

If you already have a Quarter Midget Race Car, run it…  In the novice class any legal Quarter Midget will do.

When it comes to purchasing Quarter Midget Race Cars it is much like buying an automobile.  You can get a Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge along with other manufacturers.  They All are good brands and all of them will get the same job done.  It’s just a matter of preference.

Every year there seems to be new Quarter Midget manufacturers out there selling their cars.  Purchasing popular brands such as GT American, NC Chassis or Stanley helps with accessibility to replacement parts and tech support at the track.  When you look at the cars, don't just compare prices but compare the condition of the car itself.  Paying more up front will save you from expensive upgrades you would have to pay for later.  It's alot easier to race a proven fast car than a "middle of the road" race car.  Find out the history of the car and make your decisions wisely.

Not all cars are sized the same.  You can get small, medium, large, and extra large from all manufacturers.  Some cars cater to really small children while others are more for larger children.  Be sure to ask the seller the age and size of driver the car is best suited for..

Engines - For novice classes the engine needed would be the Honda GX120.  There are larger sized/faster engines for upper classes, but the entry classes use the Honda GX120.

When purchasing a used car there are some important things to look for from the latest rule changes which can be costly updates to the vehicle. These updates usually have not been done to cars that haven't been raced for a couple years.



  • Roof mounted ignition disconnect switch on all novice racers.


  • In 2009 - GX120 engines need to have a new/updated flywheel.  This flywheel costs around $100.00.


  • Hydraulic braking systems need to have steel braided lines.  Older units used the Nylon/plastic line with is no longer allowed in QMA.  This update is around $80.00 and can be purchased at  

  • Seat belts need to be replaced every 2 years or reconditioned every 2 years.  Check the dates on the seat belt.  Seatbelts cost around $60.00 and can be found at

  • Heel stop for the brake pedals or full length pedals.  

When and how to buy a Quarter Midget.

The best place to look for a car is in MQMRA’s classified ads.  There are posted locally on this website under Classifieds. 

The next best place is nationwide classified ads are posted on the QMA website at

You can also check and search quarter midget.

When you are looking at cars nationwide, remember to take into consideration shipping costs and the reason why nobody at the home club wanted to buy it....  usually the "good deals" end up being a car in need of alot of work.